Learn how to use Facebook Ads to find more dream customers for your small business!

Tired of wasting precious time and money on Facebook ad campaigns that just don't work?

I know. You thought it would be easy right? I mean creating a Facebook post is NBD. So how hard could an ad be?

Pretty damn difficult as it turns out!

Because here’s the truth: Facebook makes 90% of their revenue from advertising.

Which means it’s also extremely lucrative for them to make the process as difficult and complicated as possible.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Crying into a bottle of pinot after spending hours trying to figure out the Power Editor.
  • Spending your hard earned dollars on ads just don’t perform. And I mean like ZERO results!
  • The maddening frustration of spending precious time on creating an ad only to have Facebook remove it.
  • Trying to narrow down the seemingly ENDLESS amount of ad options to find the right one for you. (so many options! UGH!)
  • Looking at your friends and competitors successful campaigns and wondering just what exactly they’re doing that you’re not??

The Facebook odds might seem stacked against you but there is way around all the madness!

Remember that investing in targeted traffic via Facebook ads is one of the fastest ways to attract customers and grow your list. You just need to be smart about what you’re doing.

Don't you just wish you had a good friend to hold your hand and walk you through the process?

What if...

  • Your email list began to grow daily with interested readers.
  • A steady stream of people began to inquire about your products or services.
  • You had complete confidence in the Facebook ads interface and in the ads you created.
  • You actually began to have fun creating compelling copy and ads that attract!
  • You know exactly what kinds of ads work best for your brand —and you can prove it!

Yo! I'm soooo your girl!

But since I can't teleport just yet, I created the next best thing:


The Epic Guide to Facebook Ads!

A step-by-step guide including technical guidance + marketing strategy

In This Guide You'll Learn:

  • Unleash The Power Editor

    No longer do you have live in fear of the scary Power Editor! In this step-by-step guide, I’ll walk you through the exact steps needed to get your ads and campaigns up quickly and easily.

  • Smart Ad Strategy

    Every successful Facebook ad is part of a smart marketing plan! Get awesome tips on how to create an effective sales funnel that works in tandem with your ads.

  • Bonus: Facebook Ad Creative Guide!

    Ad creative is a world all of it’s own! That’s why I created this handy guide to help you get your ads fully-prepped, designed and written before you even open Power Editor.


Here's What's You Get:

Includes everything you need to know to create an EPIC Facebook ad campaign:

  • Create eye-catching ad images that attract attention and won’t get rejected by the Facebook 20% policy.
  • Zoom right in on the audience that is most likely to respond to you (and stop wasting time sending ads to people that just don’t get you!)
  • Eliminate those lost confusing moments where you don’t know what do first.
  • Write compelling copy that will actually entice your readers into clicking.
  • Stop messing around an spend your time wisely by doing only the right things for your campaign.
  • Narrow right in on EXACTLY what’s working for you and what’s not so you can stop wasting your time and money.
  • Create your ads like an advertising pro by using the tool that all the pros use: The Power Editor.
  • Retain complete control over your budget and know that you’re only spending money on ads that are actually working for you.

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    Take a peek inside:

    Lesson 1: Why Your Small Business Needs Facebook Ads

    • Understand the difference between Facebook ads and other types of online advertising along with what makes Facebook ads so special.

    Lesson 2: Getting Started 

    • Learn how to set up and manage your Facebook ads account
    • Learn about the different Facebook ad creation tools and why we’ll only be using the Power Editor
    • Tour and understand many different features of the Power Editor
    • Learn about the many types of Facebook notifications and where to control them
    • Find out what a Facebook pixel is and what its need for as well as how and where you need to install it

    Lesson 3: Facebook Ad Strategy + Basics

    • Get an overview of a Facebook ad strategy designed specifically for a small online business.

    • Learn about the importance of a sales funnel and understand how lead magnets work.

    • Find out how to organize your ads.

    • Learn about the many different Facebook ad types and placement, including Instagram ads.

    Lesson 4: Ad Creative  

    • You’ve seen a zillion Facebook ads but now you’ll understand what all the little pieces are called and what they do.
    • Get some guidelines on Facebook requirements for graphics as well as some design tips and tricks.
    • Learn how and where to test your graphics to make sure you’re ads won’t get yanked by Facebook.
    • Walk through the different types of media ads available including video, slideshow, carousel and Canvas ads.
    • Understand Facebook copy limitations and requirements.
    • Get practical advice on how to write copy that will actually convert.
    • Learn the power to two major copy elements: the headline and the CTA.

    Lesson 5: Campaigns 


    • Learn how to create your first ad campaign.
    • Understand what campaign objectives are.
    • Learn about the different buying types.
    • Learn how to set a campaign spending limit.

    Lesson 6: Ad Sets: Budget, Scheduling + Targeting

    • Learn how to create an ad set.
    • Get an overview of the variables that are controlled at the ad set level: budget, schedule and audience.
    • Discover the real power of Facebook ads: targeting.
    • Learn the many different ways you can set up your targeting.
    • Discover custom audiences and why they are so powerful.
    • Learn about ad placement and optimization.
    • Set up your bidding options.

    Lesson 7: Ads

    •  Learn how to create an ad from scratch.
    • Get an overview of the various ad types.
    • Learn what tracking means.
    • Get an overview of the Power Editor ads interface and requirements for regular ads, video, Carousel and Canvas ads.
    • Learn the magic of the dark post.

    Lesson 8: Bidding Strategy

    • Learn more about Facebook bidding strategies, including one tested and proven method.
    • Learn how to set up and manage your budget.
    • Learn what CPC is and why you need to understand yours.
    • Discover the various Facebook ad models and find out which one you should be choosing.

    Lesson 9: Tracking + Reporting

    • Take a tour of the reporting interface.
    • Learn about advanced reporting features.
    • Understand the campaign metrics that you need to pay the most attention to.
    • Learn which metrics you can safely ignore!
    • Discover what A/B testing is, why you need it and how to set up.
    • Learn multiple A/B testing variable ideas.


    There's whole lotta of Facebook advertising "gurus" out there!

    So you might be wondering why you should bother listening to me.

    And that's a great question! So here's the answer: because I was once like you.

    Once upon a time I had nooooo idea what I was doing when it came to Facebook ads. And since it was part of my marketing job I had to learn it all -- fast.

    I remember wishing I had a cool friend who could sit down with me and show me the ropes. But instead, I had to figure it all out myself! And I did -- but it was a challenge!

    It would've been so much easier, faster and way less scary if I had just a little help.

    So I understand first-hand how challenging Facebook advertising can be. But I also know that if I can do it, so can you!

    This guide book is my way of becoming that cool friend with all the answers! Because I can't actually be there in person to help all of you out. But I can offer up what I know in a easy-to-read digital format.

    Hi there! I'm Jenn - branding / business strategist + creator of Solopreneur Babes.

    I put this all together because I believe in you and your business. I know you have the passion to change the world for the better! You just need a little help with the technical stuff! And that's where I come in.


    Your guide + bonus will be available for instant download after payment

    By purchasing The Epic Guide To Facebook Ads you're agreeing to the following policy:

    I want this program to be a major WIN for you and your brand. And if it’s not, I want to know about it!

    I know there are a lot of books and classes out there that don’t deliver. And I don’t want to make or sell one of those!

    That’s why offer full money-back refunds within 30 days of purchase - on the condition that you tell me what was working for you in the program and what wasn’t. (I’m always working on making things better for us all!)

    Due to the digital nature of this product, this policy is in place to ensure people don’t enroll, download the books and ask for a refund. (Because that’s just not cool - obviously!)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I don’t have enough money for Facebook ads.

    While I can’t tell you how much money you should be spending, I can tell you that you are always 100% in control of your spend. When budget is a concern I’ll teach you exactly what to do to make sure you don’t exceed a comfortable daily spend. My advice is to always start small, with an extremely manageable budget especially during the learning phase. You can always amp things up once you get a better idea of what’s working and what’s not.

    Is this going to be another product I buy and never use? 

    The only person who can answer this one is you! I can’t be there to hold your hand! My advice (for this book and for all online educational programs) is to do the work right away. If you take time off in between learning and implementing, you’ll lose momentum and likely not use the class to its full potential.

    I don’t have enough time.

    Do you have time to waste waiting for your business to turn a profit? If you could double your client list or mailing list sign-ups in the next three months, wouldn’t you say yes? There is a learning curve but once you create a few successful Facebook ad campaigns, you'll be spending less time looking for new clients. Besides that, this ebook was created in part so that people like you can learn at their own pace. Go through the lessons and begin implementing your strategy when you have the time.

    I don’t need them.

    Your audience is already hanging out on Facebook so shouldn't you be doing it too? Facebook offers one of the smartest and most targeted ways to get your ads in front of the right people. If it’s time for you to amp up your business, then it’s also time for you to look into the world of Facebook advertising.

    Can you guarantee I’ll get good results from Facebook ads?

    Nope. But no one else can either! (And if someone tries to tell you otherwise: RUN!) I simply can’t create custom Facebook ad campaigns for every one of you. But I can give you the tools to get your campaigns up and running and to be able to troubleshoot what’s not working so that you can focus on what is.

    I don’t have enough money for Facebook ads.

    While I can’t tell you how much money you should be spending, I can tell you that you are always 100% in control of your spend. When budget is a concern I’ll teach you exactly what to do to make sure you don’t exceed a comfortable daily spend. My advice is to always start small, with an extremely manageable budget especially during the learning phase. You can always amp things up once you get a better idea of what’s working and what’s not.

    I want to hire a professional.

    Hiring help can be amazing but your team is only ever going to be as good as you are! When you hire a Facebook strategist, you’re always going to be paying for their time and any mistakes they make in addition to the ads themselves. Getting help is still often necessary but you need to be really sure about what you’re getting yourself into first. And that means educating yourself about the basics.


    There's no denying it: investing in targeted traffic grows your business more quickly than any other marketing technique. And since Facebook is where everyone including your Mom and your BFF are hanging out all day, putting ads there is a no-brainer. But Facebook advertising doesn't come naturally! Avoid wasting your precious time and money, by hiring your own virtual tour guide - me! I designed The Epic Guide to Facebook Ads to help out advertising beginners. It's a powerful tool that can do wonders for your biz and I personally think that you're worth it.